Welcome, Nicole Gray!

We’re here to introduce you to one of our new team members, who’s joining us from the Vacation Rental Management arena and her name is Nicole Gray. We are super excited to have Nicole join us. She brings a wealth of knowledge from the vacation rental side, but also the people skills that come with that.

She brings a youthful exuberance to the team and just her knowledge of the vacation and the knowledge of the industry there as a whole, and she has a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business Administration from East Carolina.

Nicole is going to fill a special spot here in our Frisco office our Hatteras Island office and the property management arena. She has the long term goal of joining our sales team,b ut will be part of the long-term property management team for the next 12-18 months.

Reach out to Nicole about Long-Term Property Management

If you have questions about long-term property management, reach out to Nicole at 252-995-5500. She’ll be glad to help you if you’re entertaining the thought of putting a house, a property, into a long-term program. She’s got the knowledge and she’ll be working with Julia there in this phase-in approach. Some of you in the vacation ownership business may recognize Nicole. She has been with a large firm on the beach and just was ready for a little change. And we are so excited that she chose us for that change. We believe that Nicole will bring vacation rental knowledge to kind of build a bridge between buyers, especially down here.

The majority of the homes down here are vacation rental. So if you were to buy one, we can help you ask the right questions when talking to the vacation rental companies. It’s a good place to start because most people don’t really have that much information when it comes to a house and a vacation rental program.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, just remember you reach out to John Head at john@colonyrealtycorp.com. Just email or you can reach him at 252-592-4629. We’re here to serve you with your real estate needs here on Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks. Whether it’s property management, long-term, if you need some information about the short-term, you can reach out to Nicole.