The Outer Banks as a Work-From-Home Destination

Having a healthy lifestyle and a great work environment

Real Estate Outlook: Working Remotely on the OBX

See why so many people are leaving cities to work remotely from the Outer Banks of NC

Colony Realty has seen a major uptick in the number of house closings by people who have clearly stated that they are moving to the Outer Banks because they have proven to their bosses that they can be effective working from home. The COVID-19 crisis has also brought opportunities as well, and many people who have wanted to live at the beach (or anywhere beautiful and not in a city) are now making the move to be here. Houses are moving at a rate 30% higher than May/June of 2019. This is a massive increase!

The Outer Banks is a wonderful community that has much to offer in terms of amenities and outdoor lifestyle. You can find a lot of great information at 

The number of people who make their living remotely has increased over the years here and there are certainly a few advantages to changing work environments:

Benefits of changing work environment

  • Stokes creativity
  • Kills bad habits
  • Presents new opportunities
  • Reveals new skills


Putting your house in a long term rental program

As we mentioned above, sales are very active right now here at the beach but we also believe that this is a great time to put your house into a long-term rental program. We have brought our decades of high-quality customer service to the Jim Perry catalog of properties, and are ready to help you generate revenue with your property. The trend of remote workers moving to the Outer Banks, coupled with the uncertainty of the Air BNB model makes long-term rentals a much more stable cash-flow option.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The increased number of teleworkers has greatly increased an already large demand for long-term rentals.
  • Vacant homes typically do not receive the upkeep and maintenance to properly be maintained.
  • When compared to vacation rentals, long-term rentals are usually better cared for. A resident is more likely to take care of the home than a tourist since they are living there.


Colony Realty in Kill Devil Hill, NC

Our corporate offices are currently located in Kill Devil Hills, NC. We recently acquired Jim Perry and Company, expanding our roster of long term and commercial rental properties. You can find current market updates and information on our YouTube channel, on our blog page or on our Sales Office website. If you would like to talk to an agent about putting your home into a long-term leasing program, call our corporate office at 252.995.5500 (252.256.1930 during after hours) or email us at